What are the tips to develop a user friendly web application.

Websites have evolved into something so much more than just text and information on a page. Users today expect your website to entertain them, deliver quality and offer an intuitive, comfortable overall experience. Everything from the aesthetic of your site to the placement of your CTAs can impact how long visitors stay on your page. Fortunately, it is easy to make your website more user-friendly.

1. Visually Attractive Designs

In order to have an attractive website, choose a website layout that will look familiar to your target users. For instance, a three-column layout is quite common. Having a column on one side, either on the left or right, of a page makes the overall presentation look consistent and professional. A good user interface is also key for providing a user-friendly website.

Moreover, ensure that your corporate identity is reflected in your color scheme whilst at the same time ensuring that the background color that you choose is in harmony with your font type. Otherwise, visitors will not be able to read your content and will move to another site.

2. Instinctive and Logical Navigation

Your website’s navigation must be instinctive. This means that it sticks to established conventions that make it look and behave like users expect it to. Do not invent your own navigation. Even if you explain how to use it, the majority of users will not be bothered to learn. A good navigation menu should be straightforward to use, with straight to-the-point or concise links. If there are too many links, a drop down menu or, better still, a mega menu is preferred. In this way, users will be easily able to navigate the site and find what they want.

3. Fast Loading Time

Web users expect your site to load at lightning speed, even on mobile devices. A standard website is expected to load within two seconds or at most after three seconds. Speed indeed does matter when it comes to keeping visitors on your site so they can see if they want to do business with you. There are some tools out there that will allow you to check your site speed, like Google’s Page Speed Insights. These sites will also give you tips on how to speed up your site. Two simple things you can do to start are checking your server’s speed and optimizing any images. Visitors are impatient and will not wait for a slow site.

4. Contact Information

Providing contact information creates confidence and offers peace of mind to users since they know that there is a real company behind a business website. This will have a potential impact on your goal conversion, especially if you are selling products and/or services directly via your website. Thus, provide easy contact mechanisms such as contact forms and a customer service number conveniently shown in an easy to locate section in your website. When devising these contact mechanisms, please remember that some users would still opt for traditional, offline contact mechanisms.

Thus, if possible, do provide a physical address and telephone numbers. In this way, potential customers who want to find more about your products or services can reach you at the click of a button or phone call. If you don’t have a straightforward way for consumers to contact you, you risk losing the trust of those who land on your page.
The more ways you allow a user to contact you, the better. Consider adding a toll-free number, a live chat option, a knowledge base, and user forum. These factors all add credibility to your site.


All of the tips mentioned above will help your business website become more user friendly. Not only will prospective customers feel welcome, but they will interact more, visit your website again and recommend it to their peers. As a result, the number of visitors to your website as well as your goal conversion is more likely to increase.


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